Use Video Reviews to Turn Customers into Company Spokespersons

Most dealerships has never had any dearth of renowned people standing up for their cause. A customer's video testimonial was posted recently on the website of the company and received a whopping 37,000 plus views.

Popular review websites like Yelp have firmly established how strongly the opinion of an individual can influence their peers and their buying decisions. The same effect can be amplified by many times by making use of video-based customer testimonials. Though the present culture of the world is highly obsessed with the celebrities, a completely unknown person living next door could be a company’s strongest spokesperson from the business perspective.

Use of individual emails, solicit Facebook videos from loyal customers. Requested each of the customers to record a short video explaining their experience and what they liked most about your business.

Unlike the dazzling advertising campaigns we are accustomed to, review videos were short. They were made special by its content that speaks about your business' most noteworthy features. Apart from an increased sales, these videos also provide an insight into their service features that are appreciated the most by the customers. Making use of analytics, you can find out what types of videos people are interested in, which videos are more likely to be shared, and what type of videos lead to a higher degree of customer satisfaction. Also, they were able to identify the customers that influenced a large number of people with their video. 
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